The Bugaloos!

The Bugaloos

Although "The Bugaloos" aired for only two years, with the second year simply being a rerun of the first, if you ask most anyone who grew up in the early '70s about the show, chances are they will remember it. It was a very popular show and likely would have lasted a lot longer had there not been a mix-up among the cast when it came time for filming the second season. These sound clips are sure to bring back memories of Saturday mornings in front of the TV for many, and the great thing about them is that they are small, simple .wav files. Because of that, they can be downloaded and used almost anywhere. You could insert one into the musicial Christmas cards that allow people to record a message, or use one as an alert or ringtone on your cell phone. Looking for the best Christmas gift ever for the '70s cartoon fan? Send them Christmas cards packaged with the CD Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest Hits where Collective Soul sings the show's theme song. Or, even if your friend is not familiar with the show, send them a random greeting card with one of the clips recorded and laugh at their confused expression, then pull out the DVD boxed set of all the episodes (released in 2006) and enlighten them!

Before downloading any of these sounds, please make sure you have the necessary Plug-Ins!

answer.wav --Harmony announces that Sparky has come up with the answer to their problem, to which Sparky replies, "Yeah?! And I didn't even hear the question!" 15.1kb
boppers.wav --Courage: "Cheerio you crazy mixed-up buggy boppers." LOL! 7.25kb
bublbath.wav --Pretending to be a French maid, Joy asks, "I will prepare ze bubblebath for madam, we?" 9.28kb
courage.wav --Joy yells, "Courage!" with much emotion. 5.47kb
ears.wav --Harmony: "Gather 'round kiddies, and lend me your tears and cheers." Sparky: "Tears and cheers? Ears!!" He's finally starting to get Harmony's cockney rhyming slang! 16.8kb
faces.wav --Harmony does some more of his rhyming slang, and this time no one understands him! 13.5kb
friends.wav --Joy dramatically shouts, "Courage, what are you doing? We're your friends!" 7.25kb
fuzzycat.wav --Courage gets a bad bump on the head and loses his memory. Benita tricks him into thinking he is her nephew Melvin by telling him she has taken care of him since he was "a fuzzy little caterpillar." 21.7kb
getzap.wav --Joy cries, "Get the zapper!" I just love her accent on this one. 3.44kb
ggrbread.wav --Harmony and Sparky have a conversation about gingerbread. ; D 31.6kb
ghosts.wav --The Bugaloos pretend to be ghosts. 29.8kb
joybback.wav --Joy tells us, "I'll be back as soon as I can!" Gotta love that accent. 4.2kb
mybird.wav --Courage: "I must be out of my bird sticking around here!" Perfect for that particularly annoying chat room. 6.99kb
nono.wav --Harmony says, "That is a no no!" with a German accent. 5.72kb
noodle.wav --"He's blown his blooming noodle!" -Harmony 5.72kb
peanuts.wav --A prayer from Sparky about peanuts. 10.2kb
pickle.wav --Harmony: "Blimey, how did we get out of that Harvey Nickle?" Sparky: "It was a pickle. HEY! I'm beginning to understand you!" 18.9kb
solomio.wav --Posing as an Italian chef, Harmony sings, "Oh so-lo mio, I cook for you-oh!" 10.8kb
thebuga.wav --"BugaBugaBugaBuga...the BUGALOOS?!" 14.8kb
tranqfor.wav --Joy: "You're in Tranquility Forest. There's nothing to be frightened of here." 10.8kb
whiplite.wav --Sparky complains, "I think I got a whiplash in my tail light." 7.75kb

agas.wav --Benita exclaims, "Isn't that a GAS?!" 4.2kb
bliters.wav --Benita steals the Bugaloos' homes, then makes fun of them. "I say, it was awfully sporting of those buggy blighters to loan us their digs for a fortnight or two, a what chaps, a what?" Tweeter: "Pip pip!" Funky Rat: "And all that sort of rot!" 28.5kb
dirtmess.wav --Benita looks at the mess her henchmen have made of Tranquility Forest, and complains, "If I wanted a dirty mess like this, I could've stayed home." 7.5kb
freakies.wav --Talking to her henchmen, Benita calls them, "You far out freakies!" 3.18kb
junejuly.wav --Benita asks Tweeter, Woofer, and Funky Rat to help her write her new song. She needs a word that rhymes with June. They suggest several, but none of them satisfy her. When Benita becomes exasperated and says, "Can't you think of any words that go with June?!" Funky cries, "July!!" and she dumps him through the trap door. 58.2kb
mother.wav --"Mother told me there'd be days like this. But weeks? Months?!" 11.8kb
repophon.wav --Benita calls up Peter Platter and tells him she's written a jingle she wants to sing for him. He laments, "I've got to report this phone. It's never out of order!" (Hint: Benita can't sing.) 26.2kb
talkcar.wav --Funky Rat: "(something in German that I can't spell) A talking car?! What won't we Germans think of next?" 16.1kb
unfair.wav --The henchmen are on strike! "Boss Benita is unfair, unfair!" 17.1kb
veeeeery.wav --Funky Rat exclaims, "Veeeeeeeery interesting!" 9.28kb

birdboo.wav --The messenger bird laughs and says, "BOO!" 7.25kb
grapjell.wav --The Grapevine is afraid of the fire in Tranquility Forest, pointing out that, "If that fire heads this way..." "Instant grape jelly!" This wav is so cute, not only for the funny line, but the funny voices of the puppeteers. 7.5kb
laurwelk.wav --Peter Platter's microphone protests his choice of songs to play on his radio show. "Who NEEDS it?! Play a Laurence Welk record!" 29kb
thergoes.wav --Messenger bird says, "Uh ohhhh, there goes the neighborhood." 7.5kb

unzap.wav --Benita's stereo zapper unzapping someone. 12.8kb
zapper.wav --The sound of Benita's stereo zapper. 10.2kb

The Bugaloos opening theme song 73.5kb
Ending theme song. 149kb
bugbg1.wav --Rockin' background music. 21.2kb
Fly away with us into space, and far beyond 224kb
Courage reprises "Fly Away With Us" by himself 32.6kb
Benita sings a jingle for Way Out Wheeler's commercial --Badly! 39.2kb
Peter Platter's answer --Peter tells Benita what she can do with her jingle. 23.7kb
Benita Bizarre warbles "Nature Girl" 142kb
Funky Rat sings Sparky a lullabye 22.9kb
The Bugaloos sing "Sparky" 169kb

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