Fan-Made Krofft Dolls!
A long-time Krofft fan, Kellie, sent me these pictures of her homemade Krofft dolls. I have actually gotten some of these dolls. They're really great and fun! Kellie is choosing some of the most wonderfully obscure characters to make dolls of, such as Glitter Rock! If you would like to get some of these dolls, email Kellie and ask her for details. Remember, me, Laurel, the maker of this website, has absolutely nothing to do with the making of these dolls, so emailing me will do you no good. Any trades/sales you make for dolls will be strictly between you and Kellie. I'm just telling you guys about them because they're great, and I have a website, so I can. ^_^
Dolls may vary slightly from those pictured. They'll still rule though.
Note: This page was made many, many years ago. I don't know if Kellie makes the dolls anymore. In fact, I'd be surprised if she does. You can email her and see what happens, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.


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Send me your stories of your personal Krofft memories! I will post them here. Did you have an imaginary Sigmund who followed you around (like me)? Did you often wish you had a groovy clubhouse like Johnny and Scott (like me)? Was Joy's dress the most beautiful thing you ever saw (like me)? Did you drive your parents crazy singing all the Krofft songs around the house for hours on end (like me)? Tell me about it!

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