Far Out Space Nuts

Before downloading any of these sounds, please make sure you have the necessary Plug-Ins!

barnbleh.wav --Barney goes, "Bllllleeeeeh!" 3.44kb
bunnysiz.wav --Barney and Junior are guarding the egg of the future bird prince. (Take my word for it.) Junior knocks on the egg and asks, "Are you okay in there?" and Barney quips, "Can you imagine the size of the bunny that must've brought that?" Heh! 16.8kb
circutry.wav --Barney and Junior have a funny conversation about the intricacies of the space combustion engine. 42.1kb
clutch.wav --"Don't touch the clutch or pinch the winch." 10.5kb
combhand.wav --Junior has been turned into a furry monster. When he offers the dinner rolls to Barney, Barney tells him, "Hey, you better comb your hands before dinner from now on." 9.78kb
elstupid.wav --"You'd have to be el-stupido!" -Barney 6.23kb
feetstuf.wav --The monster goes, "Raaaaaaaah!" Barney turns to run, yelling, "Feet, do your stuff!" 9.53kb
fradycat.wav --Barney tells Junior what the trouble with him is. 11.8kb
honksays.wav --Barney: "Don't you see, what Honk says everytime you sneeze." Junior: "Yeah, he honks gesundheit." (Thanks Tron!) 11.8kb
knewgal.wav --Barney asks the bad guy lackey what the evil computer G.A.L. wants with their minds. The Dronaught replies, "GAL demands complete control of everything on this planet," to which Junior quips, "I knew a gal like that once." 17.1kb
machpach.wav --You gotta match the patch to the latch, but don't touch the clutch or pinch the winch! 31.8kb
monster.wav --When Junior asks where the monster is, Barney points at him. "What are you pointing at me for?" "Because you're the harrible, harry hairy, YOU'RE THE THING!" 33.4kb
mulligan.wav --The boys have a conversation about why there are no mulligans in Mulligan Stew. The funniest comment: "Is there any pot in potroast?" 78.8kb
nowewont.wav --Glass Men: "Stop aliens, you will come with us." Space Nuts: "Oh no we won't." Glass Men: "These rods can crystalize you." Space Nuts: "Oh yes we will!" 28.4kb
onlyfren.wav --Barney: "You're the best friend I've got." Junior: "I'm the only friend you've got." 6.48kb
rugout.wav --The Glass Men charge at Junior, so he says he's going to pull the rug out from underneath them like they do in the movies. "There's no rug down there." "They don't know that." The Glass Men fall down when he pantomimes pulling out the rug. "They must've seen the movie." 28.6kb
saltpepr.wav --Barney: "You remember how to run this salt and pepper shaker?" (referring to the look of the hover craft they have just boarded) 6.74kb
techforu.wav --Junior tells G.A.L. a bunch of technical stuff, then instructs her to let him know if anything goes over her circuits. Hawhawhaw! 17.1kb
theone.wav --Junior asks, "Why am I the Chosen One?" to which the king of the Glass Men replies, "Because you are the one I chose." 17.1kb
wewegah.wav --When Junior sees the bird people, he starts babbling, "Wewewewewe, birdie birdie, wewewewewe!" Barney yelps at the sight of them. Sounds very funny! 16.1kb
whyme.wav --The king of the Glass people chooses Junior to be the next king. "Why me, why is it always me?!" He's catching on. 18.9kb

honk1.wav --A honk from Honk. 3.09kb
honk2.wav --A cute little sound he makes. 1.91kb
honk3.wav --More Honk honks. 2.67kb
honk4.wav --Honk's warning honk. 9.28kb
honk5.wav --High-pitched honk of alarm. 3.18kb
honk6.wav --Another cute honk. 2.67kb
honk7.wav --Several Honk noises. 9.28kb
honk8.wav --Another warning honk. 16.1kb
honk9.wav --Barney is worried about what is going to happen to Honk and himself, in the clutches of the Crystalites. In reply, Honk plays, "Taps." :D 29.3kb

boopboop.wav --G.A.L. says, "Aliens. I am registering the presence of alien minds on my planet," and then makes these weird "computer" boop noises. 15.8kb
flatulat.wav --The king of the bird people tells Barney and Junior what will happen to them if they lose the Sovereign Egg. 53.2kb
lowspeci.wav --"We shall find the lowest species on this planet." "The more primitive the brains, the better." Guess who they find? 14.1kb
mindcont.wav --G.A.L.: "I WILL find more minds to control! I will, I will!" 11kb
simplerb.wav --"Surely there can be no simpler-brained creatures than these." 8.01kb
squawk.wav --The bird people squawk excitedly. 11kb
voltrons.wav --"We are the Voltrons. We are the bird people." 12kb

blang.wav --A generic sci-fi-ish sound effect, used for many different actions on the show. 5.47kb
fastnuts.wav --The space nuts hurry to get packed to escape from yet another group of aliens. They are moving in fast motion, so the music is played in fast forward. :D 13.3kb
growl.wav --A monster growls and snorts. 10.4kb
growl2.wav --More growling and snorting from the aforementioned monster. 17.2kb
recorded.wav --"This program has been recorded." 5.72kb
sneeze1.wav --Junior sneezes and turns into a monster. 5.47kb
sneeze2.wav --He sneezes again. 4.96kb
wewewewe.wav --One of the noises G.A.L. makes. 9.78kb
woobwoob.wav --A hover craft taking off. 14.9kb

The "Far Out Space Nuts" theme song 132kb
Far out ending theme 52.6kb
Another version of the end theme --The only difference is that on this one, the voiceover says, "This program was recorded," instead of "...has been recorded." 53.3kb
The Dronaughts background music 10kb
Weird flying music 17.9kb
Trippy spooky monster music! --(with a little of Barney talking) 45.3kb
Goofy music to end the episode 46.9kb

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