Land of the Lost

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200years.wav --Rick is hallucinating. He sees Holly dressed as a colonial girl, and she says some trippy stuff. This totally messed with my head as a child. 28.5kb
chaka.wav --Holly calls frantically to Cha-ka. 6.23kb
dadwill.wav --Holly: "Daddy? Will? Daddy?" 10kb
gravity2.wav --The Marshall family talks about the effects of increased gravity on their bodies. 36.9kb
hibox.wav --Holly introduces herself to the bouncing box from "Pylon Express." It responds, "BOING!" Sound effects in the background. 20.1kb
holly1.wav --Will says, "Holly!" 3.49kb
holly2.wav --Will screams, "HOLLY!" 3.18kb
holly3.wav --Rick calls to his daughter. 2.93kb
holly0.wav --Holly roll call! :) 6.99kb
hollydon.wav --Talking about a message she saw, Holly says, "Holly don't." 2.67kb
holydont.wav --Holly says in a confused voice, "Holly don't?" 3.69kb
junior2.wav --Holly welcomes Junior (Alice's allosaurus son) to the Land of the Lost. Junior squeaks in the background. 20.9kb
junior7.wav --Trying to scare Ta, Holly calls Junior over, remarking that he should come over and "meet Uncle Ta." Heh! 12.3kb
losehim.wav --Will tries to scare Holly by telling her all sorts of spooky things about the Zarn. Irritated, Holly asks her father if on his way back from his and Will's trip the next day if he can lose Will. 148kb
luau.wav --Rick and Holly discuss the huge pig they have just caught. Holly makes a humorous suggestion of what they could do with all that extra meat. "We could have a luau." 30.3kb
metobi.wav --Will: "Hey, me tobi ye." (I greet you.) Holly: "Me tobi Cha-ka." (I greet Cha-ka.) Cha-ka: "Me tobi yeni." (I greet you both.) 14.1kb
nipsmilx.wav --Cha-ka is babbling about magic (ogansa). Rick surmises that Cha-ka was chased by a Ceolophysis that disappeared into the ground. Will remarks, "He must've been nipping at some of Holly's smilax cakes." Wha, is smilax the LSD of the Land of the Lost? 28.8kb
octopus.wav --Looking at her brother draped with vines, Holly remarks, "You look like you were wrestling with an octopus." 6.23kb
pleasdad.wav --Rick is really tripping out in the Library of the Skulls from the effects of the sacred smoke. He hallucinates that he sees Holly asking him not to leave her. Weird trippy sounds (and Sleestak) in the background. 27.5kb
prom.wav --Will asks Holly about a dress she is making, "What's so important about your dress? Haven't you heard, the prom's been called off this year." 11.5kb
putup.wav --Holly declares, "After putting up with my brother for 12 years, I deserve some time off." 9.02kb
quillpen.wav --When Holly asks Will what he is doing, he sarcastically answers, "Writing the Declaration of Independence. What else would I be doing with a quill pen?" 14.8kb
runchaka.wav --Holly: "Run Cha-ka! Wam, wam!" (run, run!) 5.98kb
runwill.wav --Rick tells his children to run from danger. 20.1kb
ta1.wav --Rick says Ta's name. 2.42kb
theory.wav --The Marshalls discuss Rick's theory on how the Land of the Lost works. 68.6kb
thezarn.wav --Rick: "Will, do you know what's over there?" Will: "The Mist Marsh." Rick: "And what's in the Mist Marsh?" Will: "Your old friend the Zarn, the creature all made of lights." Cold chills! I love the Zarn. 22.7kb
tomsawyr.wav --The Marshalls need Ta to help walk an injured Holly back to High Bluff. Rick gets Ta to do it by using a trick he learned in Tom Sawyer. He pretends he is bestowing magic on Cha-ka to make Ta jealous. Ogansa bisasa means "big magic." You can hear a Pylon humming in the background. 173kb
vitlpart.wav --Rick: "Whatever it is, it must be part of the master scheme of things in the Land of the Lost. And it could be the most vital part." 20.1kb
wewon.wav --Rick and Will lament the necessity of having to destroy the Zarn's ship. Very sad, pretty music in the background. 143kb
wilholly.wav --Rick says Will and Holly's names. 6.48kb
will01.wav --Holly says, "Will Marshall." 2.93kb
willthem.wav --Will is walking along singing the end theme to the show. You can hear him sing, " I need to find my way..." Background music. 20.1kb
wusachi.wav --Will: "Ye ku wusachi." Holly: "Yeah, you go well too, Will." (Ye ku wusachi means you go well.) 9.02kb
yourgum.wav --Will quietly says, "That'll make you swallow your gum," which means that something is so scary, you will do the aforementioned. Hehheh. 4.96kb
yourhelp.wav --Holly: "We don't need your help in this conversation, Will Marshall." 7.25kb
zarn1.wav --Rick calls to the Zarn. 2.67kb

chakahi.wav --Cha-ka very cutely says, "Hi!" 1.91kb
gravity4.wav --The Pakuni are terrified of the increased gravity in the LOTL. They come running up to the Marshalls, crying, "Paku, amurani!" (friends). A very cute moment, hearing crusty bad-tempered Ta declare the humans his friends because he is so scared. 29kb
kuduchi.wav --Cha-ka: "Gobi ku duchi, ogansa, onam. Ku duchi, ogansa!" (Ceolophysis go down, magic, food. Go down, magic!) Cha-ka is describing how the picnic basket, then a Ceolophysis, fell down a hole that magically opened up in the ground. 27.3kb
makiya.wav --Will can't seem to catch any fish. Adding insult to injury, Cha-ka repeats Will's order to be "chiri" (quiet), then declares, "Wira great-ah fishing pole-ah makiya." (Will is great fishing pole maker.) Bwahha. 23.2kb
menanda.wav --Cha-ka: "Me nanda." (I'm sorry.) 4.45kb
odumani.wav --Great Ta moment! He has finally decided what gift he wants for opening the Moongiver Pylon for Holly. What is it? "Odumani!" (Everything!) Shocked, Holly checks to see if she heard him correctly. Does he really want everything she owns?! He replies with a very enthusiastic, "Yoooooo." (Yeeeeees) Ya gotta love to hate Ta. 29kb
ogansa.wav --Ta make magic chant, save Holly's life. What a con artist! :D "Ogansa wesa, ogansa wesa, ogansa ba." (Magic good, magic good, magic come.) 27.8kb
okay.wav --When Will asks Cha-ka if he wants to have dinner with them, Cha-ka replies cutely, "Okay!" 12.8kb
ometa.wav --The Pakuni chant to the Moongiver Pylon while Rick and Will watch. 21.9kb
ometa1.wav --More chanting. A Pylon door opens during the chant. 37.7kb
pakuni1.wav --Holly and Ta have a conversation about him opening a Pylon for her. She pretty much translates all the Pakuni for us. Holly's kind of upset in this wav; it comes out in her voice. 81.8kb
sachaka.wav --Sa calls to Cha-ka in a very motherly tone. Music in the background. 17.1kb
ta2.wav --Cha-ka cries, "Ta!" in a scolding tone. 3.18kb
tayeku.wav --This wav starts out with some background music. Then Holly runs up and calls Ta's name. He immediately snaps, "Ye ku!" (You go!) Ta is so amusing; such a curmudgeon. 14.6kb
wirawira.wav --Cha-ka excitedly calls, "Wira! Wira!" (Will, Will!) 3.69kb
yeku.wav --Cha-ka wants Holly to go away, so he irritably snaps, "Ye ku!" (you go!) 3.94kb
yekuyeku.wav --Always irritable Ta barks, "Ye ku ye ku!" (You go you go! As in go away.) 4.2kb

This guy is my favorite character ever on LOTL. His voice, his amusing attitude, the mystery that surrounded him; he was awesome.
breakit.wav --"You cannot defeat me! I have adjusted the controls, and will now put all the power on the line. The Land of the Lost cannot hold me. I will break it in half!" 26.7kb
daddont.wav --In Holly's voice, the Zarn says, "Daddy, don't! Do you want to talk about Indianapolis, or back home in Indiana?" 11kb
helofred.wav --The Zarn gets tired of talking to Rick and Will, so he sicks his robot Fred on them. 63.1kb
herenow.wav --The Zarn speaks in Rick's voice. "Here now, no whispering." 5.21kb
leavunow.wav --"I am going to leave you now, Rick Marshall." Can you say great event sound? :D 8.77kb
readmind.wav --Rick and Will talk to the Zarn. The Zarn can read minds and play back audio memories from your past. He gets off one of my favorite lines ever here, when Will wonders how he can do the things he does, the Zarn replies, "I'm reading your mind... what there is of it." Heehee! 67.4kb
rick1.wav --The Zarn calls Rick's name. 3.69kb
yourprob.wav --The Zarn is trying to escape the Land of the Lost. He and Rick have a fight about this. 43.8kb
zarnaway.wav --Zarn: "Stay away!" 4.71kb
zarnbleh.wav --Will tries to make friends with the Zarn. "We're all in this together. Don't you want to be friends?" Zarn: "Bleeeeeh." LOL! You can almost see him sticking out his tongue, if he had one. 15.1kb
zarnbye.wav --With much irritation, the Zarn tells Rick Marshall to "say goodbye." 6.74kb
zarngo.wav --Now the Zarn barks, "Go away!" Such a warm, cuddly fellow. 3.94kb
zarnpity.wav --The Zarn complains that he feels pain when people pity him, and tells Rick Marshall to stop it. 27.8kb
zarnstop.wav --Rick and Will distract the Zarn with their emotions, making him mess up his ship's controls. He yells at them to stop it. 15.8kb
zarntalk.wav --Rick and the Zarn discuss the Zarn's plans to escape the Land of the Lost. Zarn uses the gravity drive on his ship. 101kb
zarntink.wav --The sound of the Zarn moving, which is like windchimes. 6.23kb
The Zarn's robot, Fred...
fred1.wav --Short Fred screech. 4.96kb
fred2.wav --Long Fred screech, with his feet clanking on the ground. 11.3kb
fred3.wav --Fred lets out the kind of screech that would wake you up out of a sound sleep. 4.71kb
fred4.wav --Two Fred screeches. 8.01kb
freddead.wav --As he descends upon Rick and Will, Fred is struck by lightning and dies. 32.1kb
fredthem.wav --The hauntingly lovely (and really goofy) Fred theme. Has lots of noise over it, like talking and Fred sounds from the episode. 44.3kb
fredwalk.wav --Fred walking. Clank clank clank... did you hear me clear my throat? Oops. :D 28.5kb

slee1.wav --The Sleestak Priest speaks to the Skull of Index in the Library of Skulls. 66.1kb
slee2.wav --"Before question is history." 30.6kb
slee3.wav --The infamous Sleestak hissing. 17.1kb
slee4.wav --A conversation with the Skull of Question. Rick keeps interrupting. 109kb
slee5.wav --Rick talks to the Sleestak about the Library of Skulls. Wonderfully chilling last line: "All things from Altrusia come from here. They are never wrong, and you must die." 44.8kb
slee6.wav --Talking about the Skulls, Rick brings up the idea that maybe the Sleestaks have been using their knowledge wrong for the past thousand years. A pretty profound idea. 111kb
slee7.wav --Sleestak Priest: "We will now fix a time and place for you to join the skulls of your fathers." I love that Sleestak flowery talk! 24.5kb
slee8.wav --The Skull of Index declares, "Do not let the prisoners escape!" 15.1kb

alice1.wav --Alice roars angrily. 10.8kb
alice2.wav --Several confused Alice roars. 15.1kb
alice3.wav --Angry Alice, with a little of Cha-ka speaking to her. 15.1kb
alice4.wav --Alice sounds quite spaced out in this wav. You can hear Cha-ka talking about "ogansa" (magic) too. 49.1kb
alice5.wav --A lot of growling from Alice. 26.8kb
alice6.wav --Long roar from Alice. 11.8kb
alice7.wav --"Errrrrrrrr, errrrrrrrr!" 13kb
alice8.wav --Alice's whiny roar. 9.02kb
alice9.wav --Three short Alice roars. 8.26kb
alice10.wav --A very angry Alice yell. 13.8kb
alice0.wav --A bunch of Alice wavs strung together. 73.2kb
junior1.wav --Alice's son, Junior, hatches from his egg. He and mom have a "conversation." Will makes a comment about their predicament. 52.1kb
junior3.wav --Junior squeaks, then makes a noise that sounds like a saw winding down. (I think it's actually a duck call.) 13.5kb
junior4.wav --More Junior saw-winding-down squeaks. 6.99kb
junior5.wav --Junior calls his mother. Squeakily. Are you sensing a trend here? 10.5kb
junior6.wav --Some abrupt Junior noises. 6.99kb
junior8.wav --Alice calls Junior home, prompting Holly to admit that Junior wouldn't have been happy living with the Marshalls anyway. 35.1kb
dopey1.wav --Dopey whines for food. 6.23kb
dopey2.wav --Mewl on Dopey. 6.23kb
dopey3.wav --Dopey lets out a long cry. 8.01kb
spot1.wav --Spot (the Ceolophysis) yelling and chirping away. 14.1kb
spot2.wav --While falling down a hole, Spot screams in protest. 9.28kb
spot3.wav --Spot does some screeching. You can hear the beating of the heart of the Land of the Lost in the background. 15.3kb
dinos.wav --The dinosaurs are on a rampage! Listen for the ones that always flew overhead: "Wang! Wang!" Contains background music. 17.1kb

boingbox.wav --The bouncing box from "The Pylon Express" goes bouncing around. Boing... boing... boing... boing... 19.6kb
boxboom.wav --The bouncing box explodes. 16.6kb
gravity1.wav --The sound of gravity being increased in the LOTL. The other various sounds in the wav are people and dinosaurs being pulled down by the force. 40.5kb
gravity3.wav --Same as above, with Will and Holly crying out for help. 47.8kb
hole1.wav --The hole that feeds the heart of the LOTL opens up and swallows a picnic basket. 21.2kb
hole2.wav --The beating of the heart of the LOTL. 27kb
hole3.wav --The hole opens up again. 13.5kb
holeburp.wav --The hole opens up, burps, tosses up the empty picnic basket, then closes again. 28.5kb
iram1.wav --The Moongiver Pylon takes Holly on a trip through dimensions. This is the sound it makes as it transports her from one dimension to another, as a column of lights swirls around her. Holly wonders what she has gotten herself into. 35.1kb
litbeam.wav --The heart of the LOTL beats quickly as it shoots a laser beam at Rick Marshall. The beam bounces off his signal mirror. It sounds like a richocheting bullet. 13.8kb
pylon1.wav --A pylon door opening. 7.25kb
pylon2.wav --A pylon door opening real slow. 13.5kb
pylon3.wav --A matrix table hums until one of the crystals inside it literally blows out, like a fuse. 20.4kb
pylon4.wav --Another Pylon door opening. The wav is a little distorted, sorry! 5.47kb
pylon5.wav --Pylon door opens. Wahwahwah. 10kb
pylon6.wav --Ditto to above. 14.8kb
skylons1.wav --The skylons spinning through a stormy sky. 10kb
smoke.wav --The Sacred Smoke inside the Library of Skulls causes hallucinations to the tune of some very weeeeird music. 62kb
vacalien.wav --While on a trip in the Moongiver Pylon, Holly encounters a vaccuum-like alien. It makes weird noises. 34.6kb
weirdwee.wav --In other words, a weird weewee sound. Stop thinking like that. 14.1kb

lotlthem.wav --The opening theme! 172kb
lotlend.wav --It's the end. Surprised? :) 66.6kb
duntdada.wav --This one contains some weird background music that fits right in with Will's dialogue. 28.5kb
lotlbg1.wav --Background music. 35.6kb
lotlbg2.wav --Some lovely background music. 16.6kb
lotlbg3.wav --Weird going-to-commercial music. 13.8kb
lotlbg4.wav --Goofy Junior music. 14.1kb
lotlbg5.wav --Some banjo intro music. 24kb
lotlbg6.wav --Trippy background music with Sleestak hissing. 40.5kb
lotlbg7.wav --More pretty going-to-commercial music. 10.5kb
lotlbg8.wav --A really pretty tune to begin an episode. 26.8kb

And last but not least, the Land of the Lost roll call! Characters call out each other's names. "Cha-ka! Cha-ka! Daddy? Will? Daddy? Holly! Holly! Holly. Rick Marshall. Cha-ka? Cha-ka? Ta? Ta! Will? Holly? Wira, Wira! Zarn?" 58.7kb

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