Before downloading any of these sounds, please make sure you have the necessary Plug-Ins!

achoo.wav --The football helmet, Rah-Rah, is trying to tell everyone that Weenie ran away, but he has to sneeze. "He was... was... he was... runningawayfromhomeACHOO!" 10.8kb
fleeting.wav --Use wavs of the Opera Hat to annoy your friends! The Opera Hat screeches, "Time is fleeeeeeting, let's get on with the meeeeetiiiiiiiing!" 11.5kb
kablooie.wav --Weenie Geenie says some magic words. 11.8kb
mrchow.wav --Mr. Chow, the chef's hat, goes running off to get some pepper. He makes some of the weirdest sounds I've ever heard. 23.2kb
operah1.wav --It's the Opera Hat again! He announces, "It's Hoooooodoooooo!" 5.62kb
operah2.wav --Every wav you could never want of the Opera Hat will eventually be right here! This time he tells Nursie (the nurse hat) to hurry. 6.99kb
operah3.wav --Does the Opera Hat ever just SPEAK something? He calls for Weenie Genie in this wav, ending it with a silly laugh. 23.2kb
skyyyyyy.wav --Ya ever wonder if the other citizens of Lidsville plotted the untimely demise of the Opera Hat? Here he goes again. "And we sneeze him right out of the skyyyyyyyy!" 16.6kb
vivala.wav --That French beret that lives in Lidsville's sewer pops up and says, "Viva la Lidsville!" then goes back down. His beret even makes a manhole cover "clang!" noise when it closes. 7.25kb

brats.wav --Hoodoo declares, as usual, that he's going to get Mark and those dang good hats. 24.7kb
frogmom.wav --Hoodoo, who has been turned into a frog, whines for his mommy. 9.02kb
fun2bevl.wav --Hoodoo: "Oh it's such fun to be evil... such a joy to be rotten!" A man after my own heart. :D 13.5kb
hdscream.wav --Hoodoo: "Who do they think they are? Why they make me so mad I could scream! Gaaaaaaaah!" 14.1kb
hjh.wav --"I'll tell you what I'm gonna do -I'll get that miserable genie brat or my name isn't Horatio J. Hoodoo, huhhm!" 18.9kb
pushykid.wav --Hoodoo laments to the audience just how pushy Mark can be, asking for his freedom and all. Kids today! 22.7kb
revenge.wav --"This is my great moment... my wonderful horrible plan of dire revenge, ohho!" 13kb

I love the Hat Band. They are my favorite feature of "Lidsville," always singing a rousing song at the exact worst time. Here are their greatest hits!
hatband1.wav --"Stop him stop him, stop him, stop him stop him, stop him, you gotta stop that braaaaAAAAAaaaat!" 13.3kb
hatband2.wav --"Goody goody, goody, goody goody, goody, half a boy is better than noooOOOOOoooone!" (my favorite one) 13kb
hatband3.wav --"Hoodoo wants the Eyewash, Hoodoo wants the Eyewash, Hoodoo wants the Eyewash nooooOOOOooooow!" 11.3kb
hatband4.wav --"Fire fire, fire, fire fire, fire, into the fire they goooOOOOooooo!" Did this line influence Beavis? 19.6kb

boiyoing.wav --A typical "bonk on the head" or "heavy item dropped on the foot" noise. 2.93kb
weepweep.wav --Hoodoo calls for Weenie Genie. This wav includes the sound effects used when Weenie zaps in and out of a room. My favorite part, though, is Hoodoo's comment, "Uhho... what kept you?" as if Weenie didn't arrive fast enough. 15.3kb

Lidsville theme song 211kb
Lidsville closing theme 96.3kb
Hoodoo sings about how much fun it is to be "Rotten" 128kb

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