Links to other sites on the net that have Krofft content:

General Krofft sites:

The World of Krofft --A site all about the short-lived but beautiful Krofft theme park.
Welcome to KROFFT.NET

Land of the Lost --The "Land of the Lost" domain.
Tyrannosaurus Lex --A "Land of the Lost" fan page, with fanfic and info.
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters:

Pamelyn Ferdin Web Page --She was on "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters" a couple of times

The Bugaloos:

Fly Away With Us --Bugaloos!
Tranquility Forest--The Bugaloos! --And still MORE Bugaloos! Their own domain, yet!

ElectraWoman and DynaGirl:

The Electra Woman and Dyna Girl Gallery
The Banana Splits:

Kahana Stunts & Film Production Guess who Kim Kahana is? He played Chongo on "Danger Island"!

General 70s TV Show Sites:

Hit Shows of the Seventies

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