Jack Wild as Jimmy

H. R. Pufnstuf

H.R. Pufnstuf is a legendary Krofft TV show, familiar with everyone from kids who grew up in the '70s to the students at Kaplan military friendly colleges today, thanks to frequent mentions in pop culture. In fact, in 2007 the show ranked #27 on TV Guide's Top Cult Shows Ever list which is pretty amazing considering that the show first aired in 1969 and had only 17 episodes, which reran every year until 1974. Much has been made about the pot references and double entendres. From the show name to the theme song and right through to the trippy, brightly colored and spacey episodes themselves, there is a great deal of what seems like a "wink and a nod" to the drug culture at the time. The Kroffts however insist that there were no intentional drug references, aside from the show title (which was reportedly a joke on the network execs). You can be pretty sure that bringing the boxed DVD set onto the campus of military friendly colleges will raise an eyebrow or two though, as it is very hard not to make the association after viewing a few episodes. One thing that's sure to bring a smile to the face of any military friendly colleges drill instructor are the sound clips found on this page! Many are absolutely hilarious, even when you don't know the context. If you like fun, silly shows chock full of subtle (and not so subtle) jokes, definitely check out some of the H.R. Pufnstuf episodes.

Before downloading any of these sounds, please make sure you have the necessary Plug-In!

iamsorry.wav --Jimmy says, "I am sorry, I cannot give out that information." 8.51kb

attackwo.wav --Witchiepoo informs Pufnstuf that being a witch is only her occupation. 22.4kb
batty.wav --Stupid Bat encounters Jimmy in the forest. The funniest part about this scene is the bat thinks Jimmy is a little girl because of his pageboy haircut. 17kb
behappy.wav --While under Witchiepoo's spell, Jimmy is told what emotions to exhibit so he will appear his normal self. I especially like the, "Be angry!" "Angry, grrrr!" 15.1kb
boohoo.wav --Orson sobs and claims that Witchiepoo doesn't love him. Awwwww... 9.28kb
chiefy.wav --Witchiepoo calls for Orson and Seymour. 9.28kb
closeup.wav --A famous movie director comes to Living Island to make a movie. When he says he needs someone to finish the picture, Witchiepoo's castle says, "How about me? I'm ready for my closeup!" 17.9kb
crofmush.wav --When the mushrooms ask Jimmy (posing as Witchiepoo) if he's got any problems, he replies, "Out of my way, or I'll turn you into cream of mushroom soup. Heeheeheeheehee!" 25.5kb
evilself.wav --A Witchiepoo spell: "EEEEheeheeheeheehee! Overhead spirit, underground elf, turn me back to my evil self." BOOM! 17.6kb
makeup.wav --The ol' makeup gag! Witchiepoo is playing stand-in for the movie being made on Living Island, and Pufnstuf keeps wacking her with a huge powder puff, yelling, "Makeup!" But Witchie gets her revenge. 81.3kb
nuttyshe.wav --Evil Tree says, "I think that I shall never see a witch that acts as nutty as she." 11kb
nyahnyah.wav --Orson: "See? I told you so! Nyah nyah, nyah nyah nyah!" 10kb
thathag.wav --One of my favorite gags! Jimmy, posing as Witchiepoo, has just run into the castle. Witchiepoo: "Castle, castle, above the ground, who's the most beautiful witch around?" Castle: "I don't know who you are, but after that hag that just went in, you're gorgeous!" 38.7kb
witchsob.wav --Witchiepoo sobs and says, "I broke my Vroom-Broom." 18.9kb

cclaugh.wav --The only sound I ever remember Cling or Clang making - their laugh. 2.93kb
modesty.wav --One of my favorite Krofft moments. Shirley Pufnstuf, famous movie star, makes a homecoming speech. "Thank you. I would not be what I am today, a famous, rich, and a big marvelous, wonderful, gigantic movie star..." She's so modest! LOL! 38.2kb

The opening theme 316kb
The ending theme, sung by Mama Cass 145kb
Jimmy tells us about being a "Mechanical Boy" 123kb
"Sneaking" music 20.5kb
End-of-the-episode music 46kb
Mama Cass sings "Different" --From the Pufnstuf movie 259kb
Shirley Pufnstuf oh-so-modestly belts out a tune about being "Beautiful" 144kb
Chasing music --With lots of canned laughter 49.9kb
Jimmy croons about wanting to go "Home" 135kb
"If I Could" --From the Pufnstuf soundtrack 423kb
Witchiepoo sings about "Ice Cold Lemonade" --Recorded off the Pufnstuf soundtrack. 116kb
Alive and well on Living Island --Jack Wild, Mama Cass, and ensemble cast sing the theme of Living Island. The first, very deep voice you hear is supposed to be Pufnstuf! :D 483kb
Still alive and well on Living Island --Jimmy and the cast reprise "If I Could" and "Living Island" 187kb
Oranges-Smoranges, who says?! --Who says there aint no rhyme for oranges? Witchiepoo proves otherwise (from the Pufnstuf soundtrack) 149kb
You're a dear little dragon --Jack Wild (Jimmy) sings "Pufnstuf" to his dragon pal (from the soundtrack) 282kb
The Friend I Found in You --Now Jimmy sings to his buddy, Freddie Flute, about the friend he found in him 255kb
Zap the World! --All the witches at the Witches' Convention bestow the virtues of zapping the world :D 292kb

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