Kevin Karstens from Karstens' Creations makes very fun screen savers and PC games for Krofft fans! You can download some from here. (Just a little friendly warning, the Karstens' Creations website contains some adult material not appropriate for children.)

Krofft Screen Saver 1
A very fun, general screensaver for Krofft fans. Includes many pictures from The Bugaloos, Land of the Lost, and other shows, plus some theme songs that play as the saver runs.

Krofft Pinball Game
A colorful Krofft pinball game which contains lots of great sounds and flashy effects.

Instructions: Download the zip files, open them, and doubleclick on the .exe file contained in each zip. Onscreen instructions will tell you the rest.

Note: These savers and games contain images from other Krofft websites. If you run one of these sites, feel free to take these zips and offer them on your website. Most web servers do not allow direct linking from my site to yours, so you will need to save the file and upload it to your own server. Thanks. ^_^

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