Johnny, Sigmund, and Scott watch a little tv.

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

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bedofoy.wav --Sigmund says, "Boy...being a sea monster is sure no bed of oysters." 13.2kb
bestclam.wav --When Sigmund is told to clam up, he replies, "What did he mean by that? Some of my best friends are clams." 29.3kb
bigsnook.wav --Big Daddy: "What did you do to us you little schnook?" Sigmund: "Correction! I happen to be a big schnook!" 21.4kb
farewell.wav --"Farewell to thee from Sigmund of the sea..." 9.53kb
helodoor.wav --Sigmund says hello to and thanks the door as he goes out it, with background music. Why I think this is cute, I have no idea. Would make a good event wav for aol, for when a Buddy signs onto your Buddy List. 9.42kb
lololo.wav --Before he sings, Sigmund warms up with, "Lo lo lo, lolololololo!!!!!" 11.8kb
myfiance.wav --Sigmund says of the dog he has fallen in love with, "Easy there, easy with my fiance." 8.01kb
mylove.wav --Just having fallen in love with Fluffy, Peggy's dog, Sigmund croons, "Fluffy... my loooove..." 20.1kb
sigohno.wav --"Ohhhh noooo!" Enough said. 6.74kb
sigpoem.wav --"Kelp is red, codfish are blue, jellyfish are sweet, and so are you." 15.6kb
softcurl.wav --Sigmund describes his love, Fluffy the dog. 13.3kb
supersig.wav --Blurp: "Is it a bird?" Slurp: "Is it a plane?" Sigmund: "It's Super Sigmund!" 14.1kb
suredo.wav --A DJ on the radio asks, "Do you rock, do you swing, do you sing?" to which Sigmund enthusiastically replies, "I sure do!!" as if the DJ can hear him. 9.28kb

aintsig.wav --Blurp and Slurp throw a net over Zelda's nephew Leroy, then realize it isn't Sigmund. 16.3kb
clamup.wav --Big Daddy tells everyone to clam up, including the clams. Three clams close up. :D 10.8kb
dingbats.wav --"Well, what have we here, couple-a dancin' dingbats?" -Big Daddy 10.5kb
favorite.wav --Blurp and Slurp have a conversation with Sweet Mama over who is her favorite son. My favorite part... Blurp: "I thought we was your favorite." Sweet Mama: "Are you still here?!" 41.7kb
flattent.wav --A representative from the Monster Militia brings Sigmund back to his family because he was 4-F. When the family asks why, the Militia member replies, "He's got flat tentacles!" 25kb
handsom1.wav --Blurp and Slurp introduce themselves. Slurp says he's "the handsome one." 8.77kb
hup235.wav --Blurp and Slurp go marching out the door to get Sigmund, chanting, "Hup, 2, 3, 5!" Big Daddy wonders why the bumbling bullies didn't fall down on their way out. Background music. 38.7kb
march.wav --The front shellbell rings (it sounds like a foghorn, LOL!) and in marches a rep from the Monster Militia. Big Daddy says, "What will these door-to-door salesmen come up with next? Okay Mack, what are you selling?" I just love this marching music. 25.5kb
march2.wav --The guy from the Monster Militia comes back to the tune of that marching music again, and announces, "I have returned!" Great to use when you come back to a chat room. 32.6kb
needsig.wav --The Ooze family realize they need Sigmund! With going-to-commercial music. 19.6kb
nonibble.wav --Prince has been blown up to huge proportions, towering over the Ooze family. Sweet Mama reminds him, "Remember Prince, no nibbling!" 36.4kb
pinching.wav --There's a lot of chaos in this wav, but you can hear Blurp whine, "Hey! You're pinching my tentacle!" 5.47kb
prince1.wav --Prince the pet lobster barks. 5.47kb
prince2.wav --Prince whimpers. 5.98kb
privooze.wav --Blurp tells Sigmund, "You're coming with us, Private Ooze! You've got a date with the Monster Militia!" 15.8kb
rehearse.wav --The Oozes rehearse for the Monster Rock Festival. They're really bad. 40.7kb
returnd.wav --Monster Militia dude announces, "I have returned!" 4.2kb
tonsil.wav --Slurp proclaims, "We can sing better than him with one tonsil tied behind our backs." 14.8kb

bioteach.wav --Johnny and Scott find out that the local mutt has brought Sigmund a bone, which makes Sigmund wonder if that means they are engaged. Scott: "I can't wait to tell my biology teacher about this one." 17.9kb
blindfol.wav --Zelda's nephew Leroy is going through a club initiation. He asks Johnny if he can take the blindfold off, to which Johnny replies he better not or the "great octopus" will come and rip him with his tentacle. 19.5kb
secret.wav --Sigmund laments how funny it feels to be a secret. Johnny tells him, "Don't be silly. We all have secrets." Then Sigmund asks, "You mean you've got a secret too, Johnny?" I'm not even going to touch this one. 25kb

scrubmop.wav --Zelda laments the condition of Johnny and Scott's room. 27.5kb
waitstop.wav --She yells, "Wait, stoooop!" 3.18kb

nocare.wav --Shelldon the sea genie assures, "Have no care, Shelldon will be there!" 5.47kb
shellmag.wav --Shelldon does some genie magic. 12kb
shelmag1.wav --Shelldon performs more magic. His windup to his whammy is really long and funny. 20.9kb
shsnore.wav --Shelldon snores. Background music. 18.2kb

ickysea.wav --Peggy (played by Pamelyn Ferdin) talks to Johnny about "icky sea junk." 21.2kb

The Sigmund theme song, first season 221kb
Ending theme, season 1 50.9
Theme song, season 2 --Basically. This theme was used in season 1 too. Odd, I know. 139kb
The ending theme to season 2 61.3kb
Johnny sings "Keep it a Secret" --This song was *supposed* to be about one of playboy Johnny's many girlfriends, but as children, we all knew the truth didn't we? He was singing about the *sea monster.* Shhhhh! 170kb
"Lovin' Aint Easy" --What would Johnny know about this? He's, what, 12?! 170kb
Funky background music --With noise from Blurp and Slurp 11.8kb
Between scenes 20.9kb
Dead Man's Point 50.4kb
Sigmund demonstrates his singing talents for Johnny and Scott 27kb
Sigmund sings "You You" 80.5kb
The Oozes sing "You You." Badly. 45.2kb
The Oozes reprise "You You," badly --So bad that the roof of their cave falls in on them 39.9kb
And finally they sing it at the Monster Rock Festival --With Prince. The barking lobster. 74.6kb
Zelda sings "Camptown Races" --Sigmund hears her coming and freaks out. 21.9kb

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