The Krofft Supershow
(Pictured: "Wonderbug")

Before downloading any of these sounds, please make sure you have the necessary Plug-In!

Here are wavs from the features of the Krofft Supershow!
The Krofft Supershow Theme 149kb
The Krofft Superstars Theme --With the bang 24.7kb
The Krofft Superstars Theme again --Without the bang 24.5kb

Get funky! --It's the "Bigfoot and Wildboy" theme! 108kb

The "Dr. Shrinker" theme --Sung by the Osmonds! 104kb
Dr. Shrinker background music 24kb

Here comes Magic Mongo --Theme to "Magic Mongo" 109kb
And there goes Magic Mongo --End music for "Magic Mongo" 27.3kb
Magic Mongo background music 32.8kb

The wonderful Wonderbug --"Wonderbug"'s opening theme, possibly one of the spunkiest songs ever 113kb
See ya Wonderbug! --The ending theme to "Wonderbug" 20.7kb

I don't have any other place to put this right now, so here's "The Banana Splits" theme song!
The Banana Splits theme song 241kb
Eventually I plan to give them their own page with lots of songs. I know the Banana Splits were mostly a Hanna-Barbera production, but Krofft made the costumes and the sets, so I think they fit in here just fine. :)

Stay tuned to this page! Soon I will have more wavs from each of these shows, plus some of the other features of the Supershow.

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