All over the 'net, you find those, "You know you've been watching too much ________ when..." lists, but I noticed that there wasn't one anywhere for the tv shows of Sid & Marty Krofft. If you watched their shows in the 70s, you know what I am talking about--they were the kings of Saturday morning television!
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Your favorite Pokemon is Jigglypufnstuf. (ldw)
You often practice running down hills in slow motion while playing a flute so you can get it just right. (ldw)
Everytime your short friend comes over, you hide him, remarking, "If Zelda sees you, you're a goner!" (ldw)
You try to pay for your groceries with buttons. (ldw)
You think the movie "The Matrix" is showing at a Pylon near you. (bwf)
Each time you put on a hat, you ask, "How's that for a topper?" (dkc)
You see Puff Daddy and shout, "That's not Pufnstuf!" (sww)
You get upset because your local sheriff doesn't have the hots for your housekeeper. (sww)
Pink insects are strangely erotic to you. (ldw)
You moan, "Electragroovy!" during sex. (ldw)
You've built a wood shack in your backyard in hopes that a sea monster will show up to live in it. (sww)
When your lover dumps you, you break into song. (ldw)
Whenever you're in trouble, you yell, "Mongo, MONGO!" (sww)
You look into the sky at night and wonder where the other two moons have gone. (ksk)
You buy a red dune buggy just to drive around and catch crooks. (sww)
You start to wonder how that oak tree in the backyard would look with a headband and hippie beads. (bwf)
You buy all your cars from Way Out Wheeler. (ldw)
You go to a hat shop and ask the salesperson, "Do any of these hats talk?" (sww)
Someone walks by in a full body costume with a huge head and you don't even flinch. (ldw)
Someone swats a bee and you start crying, "You killed Harmony!" (ldw)
You and your sister take to wearing loud outfits and singing pop songs at every possible moment. (sww)
You consider Achim Toadinov and Lance Caldwell to be the world's greatest directors. (sww)
You think Carmen Electra got her name from watching "Electrawoman and Dynagirl" as a kid. (sww)
You turn on Marshall Street, but to you it's Marashara Street. (bwf)
You rented Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves just so you could slow-mo the scenes with Jack Wild. (ldw)
You refuse to eat chicken unless it is multicolored or has the body of an elephant. (sww)
When you go hiking, you're in constant fear of being crushed under a tree thrown by Bigfoot. (ksk)
You call people you don't like Flatheads. (sww)
Your car has a bumper sticker that says, "My other car is a Vroom-Broom." (bwf)
You won't go to a beach unless it has a Huli's Hut. (sww)
You enjoy speaking in Cockney rhyming slang. (ldw)
You move out to the woods just so you can get saved by Bigfoot. (sww)
You think your local city hall looks like the Lost City. (ldw)
You've ever spoken in a fake British accent to emulate the Bugaloos. (ldw)
You were arrested at your local city hall for writing "Beware of Sleestaks" on all the pillars out front. (ldw)
You shout, "Electrawow!" whenever a pretty girl walks by. (sww)
You walk up to the lost and found at your local swimming pool and declare, "I'm lost, I'm lost, find me!" (bwf)
Whenever someone gives you trouble, you yell, "Hugo, don't tempt me!" (sww)
You think guys that wear Hawaiian shirts and vests and girls that wear yellow jumpsuits festooned with patches are the coolest. (sww)
Someone who is wearing an all-suede outfit has been out in the sun all day, and you can't help but remark that they "smell like Wildboy." (ldw)
You won't stay at a hotel unless it is run by Witchiepoo and her cronies. (sww)
You find a conch shell on the beach and wonder if a green-skinned Rip Taylor is going to come out of it. (sww)
At least once a month you show up at the CNN building to buy tickets to the amusement park. (dkc)
You go to a pet store and ask if they have any Dorses. (sww)
You think the producers of "Trainspotting" got their idea for Scottish argot from Harmony's indecipherable cockney argot. (sww)
You also think the Bay City Rollers should've done the soundtrack to the film. (sww)
You bought beach front property so it would be easier to catch a seamonster of your very own. (ldw)
The "front yard" of your beach front property has a sign that reads, "Dead Man's Point." (ldw)
You think all rabbits look best when they wear fezzes. (sww)
You and your friends gets jobs as janitors at a space station in hopes that you'll accidentally get blasted into outer space. (sww)
Whenever you hear windchimes, you get cold chills up your back because you think the Zarn is coming. (ldw)
You know what, "Biiiiiiyaaaaaaaavaaaaaaaa!" means. (ldw)
You get a job working at a magazine in hopes that you will be able to work closely with Laurie and Judy. (sww)
You've nicknamed your bully older brothers Blurp and Slurp. (ldw)
You yell, "Biiiiiyaaaaavaaaaa!" and a big hairy guy who's called "The Foot" shows up at your front door. (ldw)
You see a relative wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts and you start yelling, "Mongo! Mongo! MONGO!!" (sww)
You can't seem to hit anything with a crossbow. (dkc)
When you finally strike it rich, you dance wildly and tell onlookers you're gettin' electrajiggy wit it. (bwf)
You walk into a new age shop, run up to the crystals, and frantically start touching them, crying, "A new matrix table! Finally, I can go home!" (ldw)
Everytime you watch a space shuttle take off, you yell, "I said LUNCH, not LAUNCH!" (ldw)
While touching those crystals in the new age shop, you wonder why you're not producing any lightning outside. (ldw)
You call your local antique car dealer to ask if he has any Schlepcars or Wonderbugs. When he tells you no, you ask if he can cut you a good deal on a Volkswagon with a magic horn. (sww)
You return a tophat because it didn't come with a steering wheel. (ksk)
Billy Barty is your favorite actor. (ldw)
While watching a nature special on tv, a big lizard comes on, and you run and hide under your bed because you think it's a Sleestak. (ldw)
You start watching that nature special again. An even bigger lizard comes on the screen, so you run at your tv with a huge log, crying, "Chew on this Flyswatter, Grumpy!" (ksk)
Gina Lola Wattage starts looking good to you. (bwf)
You go to the monkey cage at the zoo and speak Pakuni to them, hoping that they will understand you. (sww)
Against repeated requests, you still refer to your two closest friends as "Cling" and "Clang." (dkc)
You know the names of all the Hermine Midgets. (ldw)
You answer the phone, "Shello?" (ldw)
As often as possible you interject "when I get back home to the real world..." into conversations. (dkc)
Everytime you see a science fiction movie you wonder where Honk and the Dorse are. (sww)
When going to a new town, you stop by the Chamber of Commerce to ask for directions to the "Library of Skulls." (bwf)
You bought a green clunker car in hopes that honking the horn would magically turn it into a flashy red dune buggy. (ldw)
You get hairplugs for your football helmet. (ksk)
You scour the Yellow Pages looking for the doctor whose name is closest to "Blinky." (dkc)
When you can't find a Dr. Blinky, you settle for Doctor Cyclops. (ldw)
When you find out that Doctor Shrinker will be subbing for Doctor Cyclops today, you run from the doctor's office screaming. (ldw)
Your doorbell sounds like a foghorn. (ldw)
You can speak Pakuni. (ldw)
You go to an outdoor rock concert expecting them to show a Supershow segment between songs. (ksk)
Braided hair and red gingham shirts turn you on. (dkc)
"Serpent and Son" and "The Laurence Kelp Show" are among your favorite tv shows. (ldw)
Someone mentions "Chaka Khan" and you begin trembling in fear of some armored ape-like barbarian. (bwf)
You spend several minutes every day trying to find K-O-O-K on your radio. (ldw)
You tend to go on routine expeditions. (dkc)
You were kicked out of your 4-H club for trying to breed your own "dorse." (ksk)
You own a vacation cave under Alcapulco. (ldw)
Any religious ceremony becomes "the ritual of the book" to you. (bwf)
After the last entry, you instantly thought, "The ritual of the book, the ritual of the book." (ldw)
You try to order your stereo speakers around, but they just won't respond to your calls for Woofer and Tweeter. (ldw)
The people at Ticketmaster think you're crazy because you keep asking to buy tickets to the Monster Rock Festival. (ldw)
You run for mayor and your platform is all about "that evil witch." (dkc)
Once you win you insist on wearing a blue sash. (dkc)
You refer to your bonzai tree as "the dwarf." (bwf)
You take up a musical instrument in hopes that you, too, will find a best friend. (ldw)
"Elektradamn" is a common expletive that you use. (ldw)
You refer to your phone as "The Hot Hat Line." (ldw)
You call your mother "Sweet Mama" and your father "Big Daddy." (dkc)
Your pet iguana just doesn't look right without a pair of white cowboy boots. (ksk)
Whenever astronauts are launched into space, you call up NASA to warn them to look out for the Pippets. (ldw)
Men with fuzzy, uncontrolled, brillopad-like red hair are really cute. (ldw)
You keep insisting that your "ogansa" is "bisassier" than everyone else's. (bwf)
You continually refer to your car as "The Rescue Racer." (dkc)
Bellbottoms and pageboy haircuts really turn you on. (ldw)
Anytime you witness something startling with your father, you exclaim, "Dad!! Did you see that Dad?!" (bwf)
You pick up your phone wearing an oven mitt. (dkc)
Your wife/girlfriend starts wearing her hair in ponytails and saying "Elektracool!" and that's JUST FINE with you. (ldw)
Your wife/girlfriend's name is Joy, but it's not her you're crying out for during sex. (ldw)
Your husband/boyfriend's name is Jimmy, but it's not him you're crying out for during sex. (ldw)
Your husband/boyfriend's name is Sigmund, but... nevermind. (ldw)
You always have to look inside of each top hat you see. (dkc)
While watching the "Jurassic Park" movies, you were looking for Dopey, Grumpy, Alice, Spike, and Spot. (ldw)
After reading the last entry, you wondered why I forgot Emily. (ldw)
You bark at the lobsters in the tank at the grocery store. (ldw)
You set all the lobsters in the tank at the grocery store free, telling them to go home to their seamonster masters where they belong. (ldw)
You often crave soccerball-sized strawberries and baseball-bat-length carrots. (ldw)
Local magicians refuse to play your birthday parties anymore because they're tired of being heckled with comments about being worse than Hoodoo. (ldw)
Your computer passwords are "Marashara," "Wira," and "Arri." (bwf)
Now you have to go change your computer passwords. (ldw)
A coworker takes credit for one of your ideas, so you tell him, "You're just like Barry!" (ldw)
A female coworker approaches you to tell you you are just like Barry. You reply, "There's no time for that Susan!" (ldw)
You dress up as "Cha-ka the amazing ape boy" before intimate encounters. (bwf)
Whenever you see a bug collection, you cry, "The horror! The horror!" (ksk)
Whenever you're in trouble you rub your ring and cry out, "Weenie, Weenie!" (dkc)
Whenever you rub that ring, you make your friend dress up in a genie outfit and appear before you, addressing you as "Master." (ldw)
You chase your small children around the house bellowing, "I'll get you you Shrinkies!" (ldw)
Whenever something goes wrong, you chase your child around the house screaming, "HUUUUGOOOO!" (ldw)
Every June, you go crazy trying to stop people from killing all the "sacred Altrusian moths" that are swarming everywhere. (bwf)
You get bonked on the head by your flute teacher and you respond, "Hitting, hitting, always hitting!" (bwf)
You hear about the Bay City Rollers reuniting and wonder if they'll have a wild pyrotechnic show and introduce "Horror Hotel" and "Lost Island" episodes between songs. (sww)
You're still waiting for VH1 to do Behind the Music episodes on The Bugaloos and Kaptain Kool and the Kongs. (sww)
Whenever someone makes you mad, you cry, "Why they make me so mad I could scream! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" (ldw)
You wonder if Dr. Shrinker and Dr. Deathray were switched at birth. (sww)
You think all fireflies have curly red hair. (sww)
You look for Living Island and Lidsville on maps. (sww)
You think all the DJs should be as good as Peter Platter. (sww)
You've bumped into a bonnet with ears, eyes, and nose upon it. (ldw)
You've made little aprons and red shirts for all your pet fish. (ldw)
You wonder if Days of Our Lives will ever have a subplot involving Marlena changing into a spandex-clad superhero (why not, she got possessed once!). (sww)
You shout, "Phooey! It's a bomb!" when you hear a song you don't like. (sww)
You tell everyone the place where you live is not to be confused with Nitty Grittyville. (ldw)
You've heard of a friendly seamonster. (ldw)
You actually found a rhyme for oranges. (g&j)
You see a space shuttle getting ready to launch and the first thought that pops into your head is, "Where's Junior and Barney?" (cko)
You tell everyone that your town is the groo-groo-grooviest place to live. (ldw)
You see a commercial for the Bigfoot SUV and keep expecting to see Wildboy behind the wheel. (cko)
Your housekeeper is mad at you because you won't stop calling her Zelda. (ldw)
You've got your own backup band living in your house. They write spontaneous songs about everything you do, just like the Hat Band. (ldw)
You're watching Alex Karras as Mongo in "Blazing Saddles" and you find yourself wondering why Donald, Lorraine, and Christy didn't do anything to stop him. (cko)
When something doesn't go your way you whine, "But Daaaaaddyyyy!" (kec)
When you're in a jam, you find yourself twiddling your ears before making a decision. (kec)
When food cooked over a small campfire tastes better than food cooked in the microwave. (kec)
When asked where is your favorite place to go, you reply, "Flicker Town." (kec)
Your favorite kind of soup? Stone! (ldw)
When you watch The Brady Bunch, you would swear it was Courage who played Bobby Brady. (kec)
Instead of climbing a mountain, you prefer to be "hoisted" up. (kec)
When after 20 years, you still check the Saturday tv listings for The Krofft Supershow. (kec)
You sit outside at night and wait for Sparky to fly by. (kec)
When Alice is Dorothy and Fi and Fum are tinmen. (kec)
When your landlord evicts you, you reply, "This is my home! You can't do this to me!" (kec)
When the only way to shut your husband's/wife's mouth is to shove a big log through it. (kec)
When you ask for Madam Tanya on the Psychic Friends Network. (kec)
When you buy a blanket that resembles Bigfoot and you're in it dressed as Wildboy. (kec) (Kinky! -ldw)
When you see a rat run by you scream, "Funky, get back here!" (kec)
When you learn about nature and wildlife to be as smart as Rick Marshall. (kec)
You search every record store, flea market, and thrift store for the rare but existant record of "Kaptain Kool and the Kongs." (kec)
You've done the same thing for the Pufnstuf, Bugaloos, or Sigmund records. (ldw)
When you find yourself writing endless amounts of letters to several children's tv stations demanding that they put the Krofft Supershow back on. (kec)
When you blow your entire paycheck on Krofft memorabilia. (kec)
When you ask for a one-way ticket to Rock City. (kec)
When you buy party hats, you search for the one that talks. (kec)
When you walk through your flower garden looking for Tranquility Forest. (kec)
During storms, you look for the Skylons. (kec)
When you find seaweed on the beach, you name it after one of the Oozes. (kec)
You collect Bay City Rollers tapes in hopes that they will have the songs they sung on the Supershow on them. (kec)
Your friend serves sushi and you begin to weep for the death of Sigmund. (ldw)
You name your first set of twins Cling and Clang and your second set Woofer and Tweeter. (kec)
Someone says, "Okie dokie," and you remark, "Oh those two were SO not funny, I just couldn't stand them." (ldw)
When you collect bottles on the beach in hopes that Mongo lives in one of them. (kec)
You think Barney the Dinosaur should be replaced with Pufnstuf. (kec)
Or Grumpy. (ldw)
You no longer wear a bathing suit just for the beach. (kec)
When you go to your aerobics class dressed like Electrawoman or Dynagirl. (kec)
You're at a club dancing like Joy. (kec)
When you see a peacock at the zoo, you expect it to say, "Hark, who goes there?!" (kec)
Someone says "far out" and you look in the sky for Junior and Barney. (kec)
When you grab your surfboard and say you're going "skysurfing." (kec)
You build yourself a bamboo house in your backyard. (kec)
When you go on a hiking trip and break out singing "Nature Girl." (kec)
You stay up late at night watching children's shows in hopes that they made a misprint in the "TV Guide" and what they will really show are old Krofft shows instead. (kec)
Jay Leno starts to look more and more like Rick Marshall. (kec)
A pile of leaves reminds you of Sigmund, so you stand there watching it to see if it moves. (kec)
You wish you had your own pet bouncing box. (ldw)
Instead of asking to ride the trolly, you ask for the Rescue Racer instead. (kec)
When you watch Star Trek, you insist you saw Spock use the Stereo Zapper instead of a phaser. (kec)
Every time you play with a frisbee, you're on the lookout for that frisbee-stealing Pylon. (ldw)
You're on a cruise ship and you ask the captain if you'll be making a stop at Living Island. (cko)
You buy an Osmonds Greatest Hits record, hoping that will contain the Dr. Shrinker theme. (jkm)
Whenever you ride the Jurassic Park boat ride at either Universal Studios Hollywood or Islands of Adventure, you have the urge to sing, "Marshall, Will, and Holly, on a routine expedition..." (jkm)
A friend mentions Smashmouth to you and you ask, "Didn't they open for Kaptain Kool and the Kongs once?" (cko)
Your friends know that if they want to scare you, all they have to do is say, "Cha-kaaaa, Saaaaaa, Taaaaaa..." in a mocking female voice. (ldw)
Now that you can't watch Kaptain Kool and the Kongs anymore, you settle for watching reruns of Fonzie on "Happy Days." (kec)
You name your children Shelldon, Shellby, and Shellanore. (ldw)
Your computer password is "ganaktic." (kec)
You know what "ganaktic" means. (ldw)
You find yourself talking to your deceased pet iguana's skull, asking it for knowledge. (kec)
Plaid shirts become your favorite attire. (kec)
You find yourself braiding your child's hair everyday and you have no clue as to why you do this. (kec)
You build your own answering machine that gives you the news, the latest hits on the radio, and the weather update. (kec)
You program this answering machine to speak like Maxwell Smart. (ldw)
You've emailed everyone you can contact on the internet who might have some Krofft tapes and ask them if they have all of the Krofft shows, because you would pay any price to get them, and if they don't have them, WHERE is it possible that you can purchase them. (kec)
When you go camping, the first things you look for are a cave and dinosaur eggs. (kec)
Your car has a Yearometer. (ldw)
Every time you see a waterfall, you blurt, "Daddy do something! Ahhhhhhh!" (ldw)
When you ride in a plane, you always ask the stewardess when she's taking you back to Earth. (kec)
When you visit your local library, you ask the librarian where the Skulls are located. (kec)
No one will go whitewater rafting with you anymore because you insist on singing the "Land of the Lost" theme song over and over. (ldw)
You won't stop calling all your uncles "Jack." (ldw)
People who stutter run from you because you're always smacking them to make them stop, while referring to them as "Fum." (ldw)
Your favorite brand of chocolate bar is "Candy." (ldw)
No one will allow you to cook dinner anymore because you won't stop fixing Chickephant and Rice with fried Elephicken fingers. (ldw)
Your steady girlfriend insists you give her a ring, to which you reply, "No Will Marshall, you have already proven yourself. It is not your time." (ldw)
You won't go walking in the park anymore because you're afraid of stepping on the Littleniks. (ldw)
The mall closes, but you insist you can't go home yet because "the three moons haven't lined up in the sky." (ldw)
You refuse to take up babysitting to make extra money because you don't want to get stuck flying around in space for eternity. (ldw)
Every time you open a door, you say, "Hatch open!" (ldw)
When your car sputters, you could swear it was talking to you. (ldw)
The Furbys in the toy store remind you of Cha-ka. (cko)
You hear of a power shortage, so you decide to switch to Dorse power. (sww)
You walk down the street expecting to see Wonderbug or Schlepcar drive by. (sww)
After seeing either, you take to wearing glasses, a baseball shirt, and bell bottoms. (sww)
You're in the hospital for an operation and you ask if Dr. Shrinker will be assisting with the surgery. (cko)
Your best friend IS a flute. (cmn)
You throw a fistful of sand at your house then wait to see if it sneezes. (cmn)
Your 8 yr. old son comes home from school and tells you he needs help with his grammar homework. You immediately reach into the closet, grab the first thing that resembles a cane and exclaim, "The Subject For Today Is Pronouns!" (cmn)
You start thinking Jimmy really looks groovey in a long white beard. (cmn)
You've actually learned the dance steps to "MoonWalk." (cmn)
After the entry above, you didn't immediately think of Michael Jackson; you thought of Judy Frog! (ldw)
You walk around the outside of your house carrying a toothbrush saying, "Brush, brush, brush, clean, clean, clean." (cmn)
You check every mushroom in the forest hoping to find the one with a cigar. (cmn)
You prefer "Mechanical Boy" to "Mr. Roboto." (cmn)
You jump up on the table at your best friend's birthday party and break into a chorus of "Bucket of Sunshine." (cmn)
You refer to your husband/boyfriend as #2. (cmn)
Whenever you look into the sky and see exhaust from a jet plane you exclaim, "There goes Witchiepoo!" (cmn)
Your boss calls you into his office. You run in and say, "Stupid Bat, reporting for duty!" (cmn)
You have no food in your house and Bat Wings Au Gratin starts to sound mighty tasty. (cmn)
You notice that the ants on your sidewalk are carrying picket signs. (cmn)
You dance around the Fire Station in your garb singing, "You're A Dear Little Dragon..." (cmn)
You sew a pair of green sequenced pants for your pet frog. (cmn)
Your friend says, "Sneeze and Wheeze, I order you to freeze," and then times you to see how long you can hold that position without blinking. (cmn)
You purchase a kite with the intent of riding IN IT. (cmn)
You go around smacking all of your friends with a powder-puff saying, "MAKEUP!" (cmn)
If you're riding in a boat and happen to hear a jet plane overhead, you immediately dive into the water and swim to shore. (cmn)
You expect your hand held mirror to crack everytime you look into it. (jea)
You envision Pufnstuf everytime you see Mayor McCheese. (jea)
You doodle polka-dots on pictures of horses. (jea)
You spend restless nights wondering what Jimmy's last name might have been. (jea)
You go into you own little dream fantasy world during a card game when the dealer mentions that JACKs are WILD. (jea)
You are content to be "Different." (jea)
You're watching "WWF Smackdown" and hearing Kane's entrance music triggers a "Land of the Lost" flashback. (cko)
You move pieces on your chess table before you check the weather outside. (tjb)
You slap the power window buttons in your car and yell "Hatch closed!" (tjb)
You are always trying to enter your mirrors. (tjb)
You aim your wristwatch at your hyperactive kids in hopes they will be held in one place. (tjb)
You start writing letters to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame trying to get Kaptain Kool and the Kongs on the ballot. (kl)
You petition A&E's Biography to do a show on Sid and Marty (or Jack Wild, or Witchiepoo or Freddy the Flute, etc.). (kl)
You listen to a Jethro Tull record and wonder if Ian Anderson is playing Freddy during the flute solos. (kl)
Someone asks you to name a common type of insect and your answer is "Wonderbug." (cko)
You see a flying saucer on "The X-Files" and you find yourself waiting for Fi and Fum to step out of it. (cko)
You decide to go on a "routine expedition" for your next vacation. (adr)
You find yourself looking for Kaptain Kool and the Kongs CDs at Tower Records. (cko)
You think a flute should be played like a recorder. (ldw)
When you hear someone mention "The Who" you yell, "THE WITCH! THE WITCH! THAT'S WHO!!" (swh)
You find yourself wishing daily that genetic engineers would hurry up and clone the ceolophysis so you could get one for a pet and name it either "Spot" or "Fred." (trf)
Now that scientists have officially classified birds as living dinosaurs you rename your pet parrot "Spot"--if you hadn't already long ago. (trf)
You're extra careful where you step so you don't step on a Shrinkie. (trf)
Everytime a Warner Bros. cartoon giant quotes the "Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum" thing all you can envision is Jim Neighbors and Ruth Buzzi and that really hokey Dorse creature, and envy them. (trf)
You dedicate massive web pages to Krofft tv shows. (trf)
You know, out of red, blue, yellow, etc., which combinations of crystals make force fields, which explode, and which, when placed on the matrix table correctly, can take you to an Earth park during a frisbee toss. (jmr)
You've actually tried stone soup, according to the Marshall recipe. (jmr)
You have a Sigmund and the Seamonsters T-shirt. (jmr)
You actually wear it. (jmr)
In public. (jmr)
And it's five sizes too small. (jmr)
You've actually made yourself a little Sleestak style slingshot/crossbow thingy, and terrorized the other neighborhood kids with it. (jmr)
You got a crush on Holly Marshall when you were a kid. (jmr)
You think Will Marshall would have made a *way* cooler Greg Brady. (jmr)
You watch the opening sequence of "Far Out Space Nuts" and think, "Damn, that Gilligan character is *always* screwing things up for *everybody*!!". (jmr)
You value McDonalds commercials that have the characters in it (like Mayor McCheese, and Grimace, etc.), because it seems that they are the only things left on today's television that are creations of Sid and Marty Krofft. (jmr)
You fill up a shopping cart with groceries and push it down the aisle, in hopes that yours is the shopping cart that got sucked into the pylon that Holly was using that day. (jmr)
You know who the Altrusians were. (jmr)
You come up with bizarre crossovers like, Bigfoot and Wild Boy meet the Pakuni in a pylon mishap, or Wonderbug running over the Shrinkies, etc. (jmr)
You were downright enraged and disgusted at the 90's version of "Land of the Lost". (jmr)
The lame 90's version of "Land of the Lost" was a *huge* disappointment. (jmr)
The 90's version of "Land of the Lost" *SUCKED*!! ~ahem~ oh, yeah.... did I mention that already? (jmr)
You still remember dreams you had as a child with H. R. Pufnstuf, Sigmund, and "Lidsville" characters etc. in them. (jmr)
You grow carrots in your garden and try to harvest them with the old 'rope-and-pulley' technique that Will used. (jmr)
You see 'Hugo' from "Dr. Shrinker" on movies such as "UHF" and expect him to pull shrinkies out of his pocket. (jmr)
You start to wonder silly things like, what it would be like if the three Marshalls, three Pakuni, and one Altrusian Sleestak all shared an apartment in the 70's on Earth. Can you say "Extremely Unlikely Sitcom"? (jmr)
Seven words; "Kaptain Kool and the Kongs School Lunchbox." (jmr)
You try to grow a wall of daisies to resemble those talking flowers on the Bugaloos. (jmr)
You think Jim Neighbors and Ruth Buzzi are a perfect comedy team. (jmr)
You've actually found a website that has a little something on Pakuni linguistics, and you've studied it for hours. (jmr)
You're not crazy about banjos, but you want one just so you can try to play the "Land of the Lost" theme song. (jmr)
You have the "Land of the lost" opening theme song playing in the background on your answering machine. (jmr)
All the telephone poles to you are 'fly swatters.' (jmr)
You'd gladly ride a rubber raft over some waterfall, just for the chance to ride on the back of a baby brontosaurus with Holly while eating strawberries bigger than your head. (jmr)
You know what "Glitteranium" is. (jmr)
You want a car like the one Electra Woman and Dyna Girl had. (jmr)
You've named your pet fish Blurp, Slurp, Sigmund, Sheldon, etc... (jmr)
You realize that the 70's minus Sid and Marty Krofft, is almost *nothing,* or at least the 70's with a HEE-YUGE, gaping, cultural hole in it that Evil K'nievel couldn't jump across. (jmr)
You get a dune buggy and paint it to look like Wonderbug, even finding the right type of horn to put on it. (jmr)
You remember watching "Bigfoot and Wild Boy", and remember the job Bigfoot had before that show, when he guest-starred a few times on the "Six Million Dollar Man." (jmr)
You can curse in fluent Pakuni. (trf)
You're the first Earthling to land on the third planet of the Star Thuban and you meet this really nifty looking critter and you say to your fellow astronauts, "Hey! It looks like the Dorse!" (And they have no idea what you're talking about...) (trf)
You come across a genie in a bottle and your first wish is for every Krofft show on DVD. Your second wish is for an entertainment system capable of displaying each show at the same time on separate large screens! Your third wish is for eternal youth so you can enjoy your Krofft collection forever! (trf)
Your idea of the perfect father image is a tie between Rick Marshall and Enik... (trf)
Your idea of the perfect family is Rick Marshall as the father, Electrawoman as the mother, your little brother would have to be Jimmy, your sister would have to be Holly Marshall, and the family pets would be The Dorse and a Coelophysis (named "Spot," of course) ...any cousins would be Fi & Fum (whose annual visits in their flying saucer would be your reason for living). (trf)
You buy the domain "" (dkc)


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